Email Marketing Agency

We being an email marketing agency in Bangalore offer you the right consultation for building up a long term relationship with the client and to strengthen the relationship that ultimately leads to a high profit and growth. Email marketing helps you to establish your goals and build email list of your clients and it also allows you to set the right campaigns you want to send and helps you measuring the results of the running campaigns.

Bulk email services

As an email marketing agency we provide bulk email services. We have come up with a number of email promoting solutions that are ideally customized for handling bulk email marketing. The results can be tracked through analytical report which includes information like number of people clicked the email, how many people are engaged and bouncing rate etc. With the help of these solutions, you are ready to connect with people of varied organizations, ranging from small business to huge company communities within a small time frame. After sending bulk email you will receive immediate response or a requirement with straight outlook via bulk email promoting. So it is necessary for every business vendors to go for email marketing. And hence we are providing Email marketing service to our clients in affordable prices and helping them to grow their business.

Features Of Email Marketing Campaign:

  • It checks spam Apps before sending the Emails.
  • Email Design Features supports JPG, HTML and CONTENT.
  • Group Management.
  • Personalize Emails can be sent.
  • Supports Attachment Files.
  • Scheduler Features.
  • Statistics & Reporting.
  • Open Rate Statistics.
  • Click through Statistics and Unsubscribe Rate.
  • Bounce Rate, Which also shows you Hard & Soft Bounce Statistics and
  • Supports all kinds of APIs.

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